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2021-22 Student-Athletes of the Year

By Joshua Nishimoto

Morgan Burt

Morgan Burt

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Lessons for Life

Nothing can stop Morgan Burt from accomplishing her goals. Since middle school, Morgan has played at least three sports a year, sometimes even four. During her freshman year of high school, she suffered a nearly career-ending injury that has plagued her ever since.

“I had a hip issue in my freshman year and have battled it throughout my school sports career,” Morgan said. “It was frustrating because the doctors couldn't really tell me what was wrong other than I had very loose ligaments and the only real fix was to stop being active or surgery with a long recovery time.”

Stopping wasn’t an option. Morgan’s desire to play sports while taking care of her injury when it flares up proves her determination to compete in the sports she loves.

As a student-athlete, Morgan double-lettered in track and softball her freshman year. She was named top scorer for soccer for her junior and senior years, was named IML All-League for soccer, qualified for state track and field for three years, and placed on the podium each year.

In the 2021-2022 season, Morgan placed first in 3A State Track and Field in the pole vault at 10 feet. She graduated in June (with a few college credits) and looking to continue her college career as a student-athlete, participating in the pole vault for Spokane Community College.

“I plan to become a secondary education physical education and health teacher,” Morgan shared. “I also plan to coach boys’ basketball.”

As a player with a desire to coach, Morgan has dedicated a great deal to paying attention to her own coaches with hopes of passing it on to the next generation of competitive student-athletes.

“There are so many valuable lessons that I’ve learned in sports that I hope to remember and pass on when it’s my turn to coach others,” she said. “Playing sports is not always easy, but the reward of not giving up is a great aspect of life.”

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