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Caring for the Bonners Ferry Community

Updated: Apr 12

Cornerstone Urgent Care & Family Medicine

By Jillian Chandler

Photo by Sarah Grace Photography


Husband and wife team Dr. Ryan and Kaite Gorman celebrated the grand opening of Cornerstone Urgent Care & Family Medicine on November 13, 2023. The couple was inspired to bring medicine back to what it was meant to be—a relationship between a provider and patient—and that is what they strive for each and every day at Cornerstone.

“I am able to interact with each of my patients in a way that is not altered by a third party, such as insurance or the government,” Dr. Gorman affirms. “I’m not sure people realize just how involved those parties are in dictating the care given to patients.”

Dr. Gorman received his doctoral degree from Frontier Nursing University and is dual boarded as a family and emergency nurse practitioner. A New Mexico native, he began his medical career in EMS and is a nationally registered paramedic. He spent several years as a trauma RN in the only Level I Trauma Center in New Mexico before becoming a nurse practitioner and working in several trauma emergency departments. Also a New Mexico native, Kaite received her master’s in business administration from Eastern New Mexico University. Together they have three young children.

The couple and their family relocated to Bonners Ferry in 2019, as they were looking for a peaceful and family friendly place for their children to grow up. Add in Ryan’s passion for rural medicine—his master’s program was a rural medicine program—and Bonners Ferry was exactly what they were looking for.

At Cornerstone Urgent Care & Family Medicine, the couple looks forward to having the opportunity to partner with people on a more personal level and address their health care needs in a comprehensive way. “We truly mean it when we say we want to come alongside our patients in their lives and help them,” shares Kaite, who now splits her time as a real estate and directing the clinical operations of Cornerstone.

As Dr. Gorman adds, “Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for our patients. We are trying to have them be able to have as much done in-house as possible, so they aren’t driving around town to various places and waiting hours for results.”

Their focus is caring for a wide range of illnesses and injuries that need to be dealt with immediately but are not life-threatening. Simply stated, they are a place to go for things such as bumps and bruises to lacerations and common illnesses. “If you think you’re having a heart attack, that’s an ER visit. But, if you need stitches, a cast, you slipped on the ice and are worried you broke your wrist, we are fully equipped to handle all of those situations,” affirms Kaite. And though they are not an emergency department, they have an X-ray machine available on-site, with X-rays then read by an independent radiologist. They can also take X-ray orders from any provider in town, whether you are a long-term patient of theirs or not, with results forwarded to their ordering provider—and it’s all done at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hospital system, thanks to their cash model payment plan.

“The benefit of a cash model is that it frees up my attention to focus on the patient. I am not spending effort on fighting with the insurance companies about coding, reimbursement, or filling out the latest forms that their corporate managers are requesting,” Dr. Gorman emphasizes. Patients will never receive a surprise bill, as they pay at the time of their visit. There is complete transparency in the cost of services, as all of their prices are available ahead of time, so patients know exactly what their visit is going to cost them.

Though they’ve just recently opened their doors to the community, the couple is already seeing the benefits of Cornerstone Urgent Care & Family Medicine and feel rewarded on a daily basis. “Urgent Care is a beautiful blend of being able to help people with an immediate need but also still be involved in their day-to-day lives. This is why we decided to be both an urgent care and family medicine facility,” Kaite smiles.

They welcome you to visit their website for their current hours and for additional information regarding appointments.

For those looking for not just a medical provider, but someone they can build a trusting relationship, and friendship, with, look no further than Cornerstone Urgent Care & Family Medicine.

Cornerstone Urgent Care & Family Medicine

32 David Thompson Drive

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


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