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2021-22 Student-Athletes of the Year

By Joshua Nishimoto


Braeden Blackmore

Baller Future: Basketball Star Turned Multi-Disciplined Student-Athlete

As a junior in high school, Braeden Blackmore played soccer, basketball and track. He was All-League for this year’s district Bonners Ferry champion basketball team and also district champion for the high jump.

While Braeden’s successful foray into other sports has made him a more well-rounded student-athlete, he can’t help but lean on his first love, basketball, a sport he sees playing a major role in his future.

“I would like to play basketball in college,” he said. “Other than that, I’m not sure what I want to pursue in college.”

Braeden likes to live in the moment, which leaves his future wide open for him to write his next chapter. With another year of high school on the horizon, Braeden has plenty of time to sharpen his skills and continue pushing for championship aspirations.

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