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Athlete in the Spotlight

By Colin Anderson | Photo courtesy Maureen Blackmore

athlete of the month Bonners Ferry

Ethan Hubbard, Senior

Bonners Ferry High School senior Ethan Hubbard loves the game of basketball. He’s been shooting, dribbling, and working on his defense and footwork since he was very young. His freshman year with the Badgers, he was named Newcomer of the Year. Despite having the physical traits and basketball knowhow to succeed, Ethan continued to work on another aspect of the game that is often overlooked both by players and fans. “One of my biggest challenges in sports has been my confidence. I struggled with making the decisions and moves I know I needed to make based on my lack of confidence,” he explained.

Ethan gives credit to his many coaches, his parents, and even his teammates, for helping him improve this aspect with each season. “The mental side of sports has been challenging for me, but throughout the past couple of years, I have been improving drastically in that aspect.”

Watching both himself and his teammates get better is something Ethan truly loves about the game and about being a Badger. He recalled his junior season when the team’s hard work really paid off. “My junior year against Weiser; that play-in game secured us a spot at state and was the pinnacle point for our team that year,” he stated.

Ethan has watched his team come together and is proud of the accomplishments reached this season and throughout his career. He was taught at a very young age that hard work will lead to success. “One crucial lesson I have learned from my coach is that anything you want requires effort. Effort is essential in goal setting and achievements.”

Ethan is a 4.0 GPA student, member of the National Honor Society, and is proud of being in the top 10 in his class. He will continue his academic challenges as he prepares to enroll at Utah Valley University and pursue a mechanical engineering degree.

“Throughout high school, I have been able to take some CAD design classes, which has been an absolute blast. I also have interest in becoming a pilot.”

As far as basketball goes, Ethan is satisfied with the competitive side of the game and ready for the next chapter in his life. “I really do not think I'll play in college, but if Duke wants to give me a scholarship, I'd be okay with that,” he smiled.

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