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Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month

In this, his final season as a Bonners Ferry Badger, senior Matt Morgan is giving it his all. Matt has never shied away from competition as evidenced from his long-standing commitment to Badger athletics. He hit the ground running his freshman year managing to letter in both football and basketball. He ended his Badger football career as a four-time letterman and will likely do the same in basketball once the season comes to a close.

Playing in the northern reaches of the Idaho Panhandle, Matt and his teammates have endured plenty of travel, and thus plenty of time to get to know each other. “What I enjoy about playing sports is it brings you together with people you normally wouldn't be close with,” he said.

Between the bus rides, games, long practices and weight-room sessions, Matt says he was able to learn more than in-game strategy for the games he loves to play. “Something sports have taught me is to put your differences aside with people you may not get along with or see eye to eye with and become teammates to try to accomplish a goal,” he said.

This is a lesson Matt can definitely take with him once his sports career and senior year are behind him. Athletics have given him the opportunity to work through adversity, come together as a group and work toward a greater good instead of self interest. Being part of a team that changes each year and each season with varying responsibilities and leadership roles will give him a heads up during the next phase of his life.

While he will stay active post high school, he won’t be aiming for a scholarship to continue his playing career; rather, Matt plans on attending Northwest Lineman College in Meridian, Idaho, where he will learn to become an electrical lineman and get his post high school life started with a well-paying career.

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