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Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature

Bonners Ferry native Jamie Fulton was looking to start a business that would allow her to spend more time with her family. As someone who has always had a passion for crafting and the arts, Jamie’s wish was soon to be answered. She happened to spot an ad with a leatherwork shop for sale, and Jamie decided to purchase its machines and tools. “My dad always liked leatherwork,” Jamie says. “I also have large horses, and I never could get tack that fit them well, so I first thought I could craft horse tack and pack equipment.”

This was an exciting step for both Jamie and her father, and together they made a few trips south and loaded up everything Jamie had purchased. The two spoke of getting it all set up, and the plan was for Jamie’s dad to help her with her new business venture a few days a week once he retired. Unfortunately, her father passed before they could fully set up shop. “Now my workshop is in the basement of my house, where I can be with my kids,” says Jamie. “I get some help from time to time from my kids and husband, and a few friends.”

Wildwood Leatherworks was born just a few short years ago, in 2017. Jamie started experimenting with small personal goods, making purses, belts and earrings for family members. Soon after, she says, “I found I loved handcrafting leather and bringing its beauty to life with tote bags, and I kind of veered off from my original plan.”

The business quickly evolved and now encompasses everything from their popular leather journals along with a variety of clutches and wallets to embroidered logos on hats and apparel, coasters and cutting boards, and more—including custom pieces! All items are made by hand, and the leather is hand-sewn.

In the beginning, Jamie would hand burn all the artwork onto her leather products, but this was extremely time consuming and not cost effective. So, she made the decision to purchase a laser engraver machine to put the artwork onto the leather. “With the engraver, I can do so much more detailed work and can apply business logos or photos right onto the leather,” states Jamie. “I started making leather patches that go onto hats and beanies, and have been pretty busy doing business logos and sewing onto hats.”

With the laser machine, Jamie is now able to offer custom engraved cutting boards, (with Grandma’s recipes, monograms and more), slate, cork and wood coasters. “I love to do custom requested pieces,” smiles Jamie. “I keep expanding my offerings on ideas I get or requests from others.”

Jamie’s daughter Ally is following in her mother’s footsteps, helping her with design ideas, photos and social media.

In addition to the love and encouragement she has received from her family, Jamie has also found support in the local community and says she could not have accomplished what she has without their help. You can find Wildwood Leatherworks items for sale at Under the Sun, SugarPlum Floral and Clover & Co.

“I make everything by hand from start to finish, with loads of time and love involved in each piece I craft. Everything ends up unique,” says Jamie. “I have a huge variety of leather sides I use, so everything is special.”

If you are interested in having Jamie create a custom piece, you can contact her directly by calling 208.597.0819 or emailing

Wildwood Leatherworks 1444 Homestead Loop Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805 208.597.0819 (cell)

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