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Have a Mess this Mother’s Day

Have a Mess this Mother’s Day

It’s Moyie Mudbog’s biggest event of the season, and one that keeps mothers returning year after year to enjoy some muddy fun on their special day.

The Mudder Day event will take place from May 10 through 12 at 1710 Eileen Road in Moyie Springs. With a mud pit, rock crawl, food vendors, bonfires, gift shop and music, there is fun for the whole family!

This year tickets are $30 for ages 13 and older and $10 for children 6 to 12. Anyone with a military identification and children 5 and younger are free.

“Mother’s Day is our largest event of the season,” said Anna Friesen, one of the organizers of the event, who adds that the event has been taking place since 2002. “The mud pit opens at 9. We have music and log truck load of logs for our bonfires Friday and Saturday night. We offer a mud pit, sand hills and a rock crawl.”

To ensure that everyone is safe and has a great time, there are specific rules that must be followed and will be enforced. Among those are no glass, absolutely no dogs, no riding in bed of trucks, no three- or four-wheelers, dirt bikes or go-karts, and one must have a valid picture ID to into the event. (Please note: Birth certificates, marriage licenses or high school diplomas are not acceptable forms of identification.) In addition, seatbelts must be worn when participating in the mud pit, sand hill or rock crawl.

Friesen states that anyone considered being reckless or unruly will be issued a warning. If the behavior continues, that person will be escorted off the property by security and will not be issued a refund.

While the rock crawl is open 24 hours, the mud pit and sand hill do close for the evening.

It takes the staff several months to prepare the property for these events, but the fun is well worth it, not to mention the revenue that it brings to the local community! According to Friesen, there are thousands who attend this May event each year. So make this Mother’s Day one that Mom won’t forget and attend the Mudder Day event! And be sure to mark your calendars for Summer Mud Fest, June 21 through 23, and Fall Mudbog, October 4 through 6.

For more information, go to their Facebook page, Moyie Mudbog LLC.

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