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Bonners Ferry’s Full-Service, One-Stop Shop

Bonners Ferry’s Full-Service, One-Stop Shop

It was three decades ago that Tim and Lisa West launched their forestry company. After taking a hiatus from 2003 through 2016 to work as a Forestry Product Application Consultant for John Deere Corporation—where Tim worked with many different companies in diverse regions and markets (North America, Finland, Sweden and Australia) and gained immeasurable experience in the use of machines and techniques—they were drawn back to their original work and have been dedicating their time to West Wood LLC since. In 2016, they were joined by their son, David West, of West Industries, a mulching company that he launched in 2008. Today, West Wood LLC is family owned and operated and stronger than ever.

“It feels so good to be back home again, full time, working in our beloved community and surrounding area; working with our family with hopes that our children and grandchildren will carry on one day,” smiles Tim. “It is our pleasure to satisfy our customers, showing them a vision of what their property can be and making many lifetime friends out of the deal.”

West Wood LLC provides a multitude of services: mulching and mastication, fuels reduction projects, logging, hazard tree removal, building-site prep, wildland firefighting, brush piling, fire lines, and have included pasture improvement/development, landscaping and utility work in conjunction with other projects. “We are a one-stop shop, full-service company,” says David.

No other business in this area offers the vast number of services and experience that West Wood has to offer. “We all grew up in, and worked in, farming, construction and forestry,” says Tim. “We think outside the box and try different things, which is how our business got started initially. A lot of the methods we pioneered are standards today in the timber industry. Because we are one of the only fuels reduction companies that fights fires too, it gives us a well-rounded experience in our business.”

Lisa brings her years of experience to the business, where she takes care of the books, chases parts, does PR work and keeps the guys on track. She also joins the teams on fires as a driver.

David recalls one West Wood client, a landowner who built a house in a wooded subdivision. His wife was so overwhelmed with disappointment because of the deplorable state of their 5-acre parcel that she wanted to sell the property and move. The West Wood team came in and mulched it, gave them a beautiful piece of property—and a view! Because of the impressive results of the project, the couple’s neighbors were inspired by the transformation and decided to have West Wood come in and clean up their properties as well.

“That is what’s rewarding—happy customers,”David says. “It is inspiring to take something that has been neglected and renew it, or to start from scratch and develop an idea that a homeowner or land owner can fall in love with.”

The team credits the success of West Wood solely to the work ethic that has been instilled in them from this area and their family—to do the best work they can, combined with the ability to be creative and the vision and passion for what they do. “This isn’t a job for us, it’s a lifestyle, and we made work from something we know and love to do,” Lisa says.

West Wood’s top-notch work is speaking for itself, and the team is looking to expand! “West Wood and our services are in high demand due to countless referrals,” says David. “We are looking to add more quality members to our team to make that expansion happen.”

A full-service, one-stop shop for all of your forestry, mulching and excavation needs, the West Wood team believes in doing the job right—the first time. That is what customers have come to expect, and that is exactly what West Wood will deliver.

West Wood LLC

6549 Van Buren Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805


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