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Athlete of the Month: Isaac Wilson

Isaac Wilson

Isaac Wilson

Senior Isaac Wilson began to play soccer in eighth grade; something he said was initially a challenge as he had to catch up with his teammates who had been playing the sport for much longer. But true to his nature, Isaac put in the time, practiced hard and quickly became successful.

When it comes to academics, Isaac also works hard. He is pursuing his associate’s degree while still enrolled at Bonners Ferry High School; something which takes a great deal of time and commitment.

“I may go to college if my future job requires it, and I would also like to play sports in college,” said Isaac. He is interested in the medical field and also possibly a field that would involve electronics.

“I enjoy caring for people. I find electronics very intriguing and have a natural knack for it,” he said.

There have been many great memories over the years, but Isaac said the one that stands out most when it comes to soccer was winning the consolation game his junior year.

The part of soccer Isaac said he enjoys most is how he and his team work together to succeed, often ending up on top. And this year was certainly a great example of that as Isaac finished the season with the title of IML (Intermountain League) All League MVP and, along with his teammates Drew Foster, Gabe See and Seth Bateman, being selected to the IML All League team.

Isaac and his team finished strong with an overall record of 15-3-2, going undefeated in the IML with a record of 10-0.

Anyone who has been involved in athletics knows that there are many life lessons that one learns along their journey. For Isaac, he said he has learned the importance of being aware.

“One life lesson I have learned is that I always need to be looking at where I’m going and where I’m at.”

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