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Where Are They Now?

where are they now?

Adam Hall has never forgotten about those in his hometown who have helped him achieve the success he has experienced. Adam was born and raised in Bonners Ferry and wrestled for Bonners Ferry High School where he was a three-time high school state champion and was also the national champion and ranked No. 1 in the country in his weight class his senior year.

“My high school coach, Conrad Garner, helped build the foundation for my wrestling. He helped me mature both as an athlete and a person,” said Adam. He also credits Coach Chris Owens, the assistant coach at Boise State University and the coach of the national team at the time, for helping him achieve the No. 1 rank in the country.

After he graduated from Bonners Ferry High School in 2006, Adam attended Boise State University on an athletic scholarship. There he had a 122-18 career record which ranked second in Boise State all-time wrestling. Winning two Pac-10 titles, Adam qualified for the NCAA National Championships all four years and was a two-time NCAA All-American. But his success did not stop there. He placed fifth at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Trials and was a four-time U.S. Open place winner.

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Upon graduating from Boise State University, Adam was offered a job at Columbia University in New York City. “The idea of being a part of a Division I staff challenged me in many facets,” said Adam, which included moving to such a large city. Adam remained at Columbia for four years during which time he also received his master’s degree in sports management.

“While at Columbia, I passed up four or five other offers [to coach],” said Adam, citing his desire to help build the program as his primary reason for staying there. But after four years at Columbia, Adam decided to move on when he was offered an assistant coach position at North Carolina State. “I handle a lot of administrative things and business in regard to the team, as well as academics and recruiting,” he said of his multiple roles he has assumed over the last three years.

While he felt Columbia was a good fit, Adam said that North Carolina State, both the school and its athletic department, fits his mentality and philosophy much better; the community reminding him of Bonners Ferry.

“I really feel as though I’m coming into my own as far as being a coach,” he said of his career.

As far as Adam’s personal life, that too could not be better. While living in New York, he met a woman, Christine, at church. A teacher, she is originally from San Francisco and moved with Adam to North Carolina when he took the job at North Carolina State. They were married a year ago and look forward to building their life there.

Congratulations to Adam for being a shining example of what hard work and determination can help one achieve.

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