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Locally Owned and Operated; Building Superior Products

Locally Owned and Operated; Building Superior Products

Dreaming of adding a beautiful garden shed to your yard or making that cabin in the woods for hunting trips and weekend getaways a reality? Then look no further than Montana Shed Center in Bonners Ferry at the Three Mile corner and Ponderay by Selkirk Glass and Cabinets.

A locally owned and operated business, owners Brian Lambright and Joe Gish specialize in everything from portable storage sheds and cabins to garages, barns and animal shelters—whatever you can dream up.

Both Brian and Joe moved to the area from Northern Indiana after being drawn in by friends and the beautiful scenery. Brian moved to Bonners Ferry in 2011, where he operated a small shed building business, and Joseph and his family moved to Sandpoint in 2013 after visiting his cousins at Millers Country Store. The two began working together and operate under Montana Shed Center, a company owned by a friend of theirs in Great Falls, Montana, which has enabled them to provide a larger inventory and selection along with their great selection of styles and options.

At The Shed Center, they offer a large variety of sheds, garages, barns and cabins in sizes up to 16 feet wide and 54 feet long and have a large line of self-contained FBB-certified tiny homes and portable timber-framed cabins in single, double, triple and quadruple module. “In addition, we specialize in customizing our buildings to the specific needs of our customers,” says Joe. “This is very enjoyable as we become a part of the imagination and design of many cute backyard sheds, garages, horse barns and She Sheds.”

The team has built everything from miniature train depots to prayer chapels with tall steeples to Dr. Seuss-style chicken houses! As Joe says, “There is no building idea that is too hard or involved that our team will not tackle.”

Brian and Joe work hard to meet all standard building codes with 16-inch framing standard, engineered floors and snow load. Their large selection of options, colors and sizes makes Montana Shed Center cutting edge in portable buildings, as well as their popular portable cabins. Their full line of services includes delivery, installation, site preparation, on-site construction and shed removal upon request.

Buildings leave their Bonners Ferry shop completely built and are delivered from Tri Cities, Washington, to West Glacier, Montana, and everywhere in between, including Canada. The company has state-of-the-art equipment to deliver your building onto your property with minimal impact to the existing landscape. They have maneuvered them through the tightest of spaces and have delivered them through creeks, over the top of houses by crane and over fences to get them to where the client wants them. And … delivery is free on all of their utility buildings.

“We are very grateful to God for the opportunity to serve this community, as well as other areas that we have sales personnel,” says Joe. “We have an excellent team of hard-working, conscientious family men that is very valuable to the success of our product and customer satisfaction.”

If you’re in need of more space, whether for function or recreation, contact Montana Shed Center today where Joe, Brian and the rest of their crew will provide you exceptional service and a superior product. Montana Shed Center

510328 Hwy 95 North

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805


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