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Athlete of the Month: Victoria Rae

Athlete of the Month: Victoria Rae

As a freshman at Bonners Ferry High School, Victoria Rae is wise beyond her years. One life lesson she has already learned is that trial and error are necessary to overcome any challenge in life.

“Thousands of repetitions may be required and frustration will be necessary, but determination and a good work ethic will definitely pay off in the end,” said Victoria, a lesson she has learned from one of her coaches.

Determined and hardworking, Victoria said she considers herself a good blend of a high-marks student and a hard-core athlete. “I try to give my all in the throwing ring, on the volleyball court and in the classroom,” she said.

Victoria has held a 4.0 GPA for the last five years and qualified for and proudly represented Bonners Ferry at the Idaho state-level Geography Bee in eighth grade, something she considers one of her greatest academic accomplishments.

“Some of my favorite athletic accomplishments include: our team winning first place at our first volleyball tournament back in seventh grade; having an undefeated middle school discus career at BCMS; playing on the junior varsity volleyball team as a freshman; and qualifying for the District 1 Meet of Champions in Post Falls this spring in both shot put and discus,” said Victoria.

While she still has plenty of time to consider her post high school plans, Victoria hopes to participate in track at the collegiate level. As far as a career choice, Victoria is interested in a few different fields such as veterinary practices, physical therapy and the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) field.

Victoria said that her greatest challenge in sports is not the physical aspect, but rather the mental and emotional component.

“Throughout my years playing volleyball, track and some basketball, I have been forced to mature both mentally and emotionally to face challenges,” she said. “The way I have combatted those struggles is by staying strong and knowing that overcoming those obstacles will make me a better and stronger athlete.”

What Victoria enjoys most about track is how her performance in her specific event is a reflection of her own hard work, commitment and determination.

“In other words, I love the individuality,” she said. “You don't play offense or defense against an opponent; you get in the ring and do the best you can, and the measured results determine success or failure.”

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