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Athlete of the Month: Chris Sabin

Athlete of the Month: Chris Sabin

A junior at Bonners Ferry High School, Chris Sabin has always been passionate about athletics.

“My life has always involved sports from a very young age,” said Chris. “I have always felt driven to compete and have participated in many different sports—baseball, basketball, soccer, football and wrestling.” Growing up in a military family, Chris, along with his best friends and family friends, all share an interest in one specific thing—their love of sports.

Chris is grateful to his father, who has not only served as his coach but is his friend and biggest supporter, both inspiring him and pushing him to a higher level of play and achievement.

The motivation and perseverance has paid off. While maintaining a 3.7 GPA, Chris has lettered in football, basketball and baseball.

Looking ahead, he plans to attend North Idaho College. With his passion for sports and his desire to share it with others, he intends to study and pursue a career in athletic training. He also will try to walk onto NIC’s basketball team.

“As an athletic trainer, I know I would enjoy working around other athletes to further their careers in sports,” said Chris.

When asked what his greatest challenge has been when it comes to playing sports, Chris said it has been his size, “but I have surrounded myself with the right teammates and coaches who have motivated me to succeed,” he added. “And thank God for a growth spurt.”

There have been many great memories over the years, but Chris said one of the highlights in his high school sports career was placing third at state for baseball last year and finishing with a 24-3 record. Another memorable moment came when he was named All League in basketball earlier this year alongside two of his teammates.

Although Chris is involved in many sports, competing in basketball is what he enjoys the most.

“I love the game and the relationships built during the season,” he said.

Athletics teaches one more than just the fundamentals of a game; it also teaches life lessons. Chris said he is especially grateful to his basketball coach, Andy Rice, who has taught him that the way to overcome adversity is by working hard and never giving up.

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