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Ready for Takeoff!

Ready for Takeoff!

Living in North Idaho, we are constantly blessed with incredible views of the beauty that surrounds us. But have you ever viewed the mountainous terrain from the air? It is breathtaking to fly over the place we call home and take it all in.

Dave and Kim Parker first opened Northern Air, Inc. in 1997. For nearly 20 years, they have provided world-class aviation services from what they say is the “jewel” of the gem state—Bonners Ferry. Northern Air is not simply a place for private planes to land and take off; their services include everything from flight training to fuel to maintenance and more. They also charter planes and offer fire suppression. “We are a small, hometown airport that treats everyone like family,” said Dave.

They are an FBO (Fixed Base Operator) which provides Jet A and 100LL fuel. At Northern Air, their flight school includes part 141—which means that the FAA is required to oversee the operations of the school to a much higher degree, reviewing all records on a regular basis for compliance and completeness.

“We also offer international pilot training as well as simulators to supplement the training,” said Dave, adding that Northern Air, Inc. is also a PSI and Lasergrade testing center.

Not long ago, we were surrounded by wildfires that threatened the safety of our community. It is during times such as this that Northern Air plays an instrumental part in wildland fire suppression and fire detection providing tactical air operations.

At Northern Air, they offer ground school once each year, however, if there is enough interest a second course may be added. At a cost of approximately $300 for the 16-week course, it is an affordable way for one to explore the life of aviation. Upon completion of the course, students will be prepared to pass the private pilot written and oral exams.

“The EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) offers flight scholarships for local youth to learn how to fly every year,” said Tana Grenda, the office manager for Northern Air. “They also host pancake breakfasts for the community the last Saturday of every month throughout the summer. Donations are always accepted.”

Their FAA-approved simulator is equipped with four panels and provides people with a more affordable way to train without having to rent an aircraft. Other advantages include being able to actually pause the flight during the simulation and ask questions, simulate a variety of potential emergency scenarios, and you do not have to rely upon the weather to clear before “taking off.”

One of the services from which anyone can benefit whether you are a pilot or not, is the scenic flights offered at Northern Air. Flights are usually flown in a Cessna 172, which carries up to three passengers. The cost is $190 per hour, with deviations to their standard scenic flights possible to accommodate the passengers. It makes a unique Christmas or birthday gift!

Having lived in North Idaho most of their lives, both Dave and Kim pride themselves on the fact they have amazing, hardworking and trustworthy employees, and the couple said they value their customers who, over the years, have continued to come to Northern Air and make their business a success.

Do you have a dream of learning to fly? The opportunity is right here in Bonners Ferry and is more affordable than you may realize. Check them out today!

Northern Air, Inc.

64602 US Hwy 2

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805-5211


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