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Your Partner in Healthcare

Your Partner in Healthcare

For nearly 65 years, residents of Northwestern Montana have entrusted their healthcare needs to what is now known as Cabinet Peaks Medical Center. Located in Libby, Montana, Cabinet Peaks was founded in 1952 by members of the community who were affiliated with J. Neil’s Lumber Company. While the concept and vision were widely accepted, the founders needed support to move forward. That is when St. John’s Lutheran Church in Libby provided them with use of their 501(c)(3) status until the hospital was able to establish its own. Initially named St. John’s Lutheran Hospital in recognition of the initial support given to them by the local congregation, two years ago the facility was renamed Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.

Over the past six decades, the medical facility has changed in many ways, including its brand new building built in 2014, but one thing has always remained constant – the staff’s dedication to each and every patient’s care and comfort.

“Cabinet Peaks Medical Center has always been committed to providing our community and surrounding areas with the highest level of service excellence and a wide variety of appropriate healthcare programs, services and equipment,” said Katheryn Stephens DCMP, the Foundation’s Executive Director and Marketing Manager for Cabinet Peaks.

The convenience of having a facility with a myriad of services right in Libby is something patients appreciate.

“Even if your healthcare provider’s office is not located in the area, our advanced technology and vast offerings allow your provider to schedule your exam or tests at Cabinet Peaks Medical center and have your results sent directly to them,” said Stephens.

Overseen by a volunteer community board of directors, the services provided at Cabinet Peaks are extensive, including but not limited to a birthing center, chemotherapy and infusion, diabetes education, a dialysis clinic, emergency room, a family medicine clinic, imaging, nutritional education, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery and occupational health services.

“We also offer rehabilitative services including physical, occupational, speech, pulmonary and cardiac,” said Stephens who adds that Cabinet Peaks also has several visiting doctors who specialize in back and spine, dermatology, cardiac, orthopedic care, ophthalmology, pulmonary care, urology and much more.

It is more than the extensive services that Cabinet Peaks Medical Center provides that makes them so remarkable; it is their unwavering commitment to quality, compassionate care and their vision to meet the ever-changing needs of the community for health, healing and comfort.

“We very much focus on the patient experience,” said Stephens. “We offer a large variety of services for a critical access facility, and we are proud of all that we offer to the area.”

Cabinet Peaks employs 250 people in the community, all of whom have compassion and a desire to care for the patients and family members who walk through their doors each day.

Those at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center go above and beyond caring for people not only at Cabinet Peaks but also throughout the entire community. They host several community activities and programs including a health fair, breast health awareness dessert, support groups, educational talks and more. They also are active in many nonprofit organizations around the community. It’s just another way they are making a difference in the lives of others.

There is much going on within the walls of Cabinet Peaks Medical Center including new equipment which includes ultrasound, new surgical power equipment, acute care beds, and an emergency department gurney with a built-in scale and bariatric comfort measures, and a new 64-slice CT that will be arriving soon.

Next time you or a loved one is in need of medical care, make sure to check out Cabinet Peaks Medical Center. They will be by your side every step of the way.

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center

E 2nd St. Libby, MT 59923


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