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What’s Brewing? - Lore Coffee Roasters

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Bonners Ferry home to local specialty coffee roaster

By Jillian Chandler


Graysen Spiller and Nicholas Carter are raising the bar on specialty coffee right here in Bonners Ferry with Lore Coffee Roasters.

Founded in December 2022, the friends and business partners opened their business online in February 2023, followed by their coffee bar in May. You will find the Lore team at both Bonners Ferry and Sandpoint Farmers Markets throughout the summer season with their mobile coffee carts.

Nicholas moved his family to North Idaho from Nashville, Tennessee, where he worked in specialty coffee for many years. “Our dream was to move to North Idaho in order to curate a wholesome life for our children and start a coffee business in the process,” he says. “Coffee is what I know. I am truly excited to share specialty coffee with Bonners Ferry.”

Born and raised in a small town in Alaska, Graysen graduated from North Idaho College earlier this year. He is utilizing his background in construction (where he performed administration, logistics and work in the field) as he spearheads the administrative work to ensure the quality of the coffee and efficient processing. He and his wife celebrated their second anniversary on the Fourth of July.

As specialty coffee roasters, Nicholas and Graysen take pride in being able to provide the region with the highest-grade coffee available, taking great care to source excellent coffee, followed by finding the best approach to roasting each individual coffee. “There are a myriad of factors which determine our roasting approach,” notes Nicholas. “The size of the bean, bean density and processing method are at the top of the list. Ultimately, we evaluate our coffee by taste. We taste every batch to ensure quality and consistency.”

And that’s exactly what Nicholas and Graysen have accomplished with Lore Coffee Roasters. “We source unique coffees grown and processed by expert farmers and producers from around the world. Our job is to pay homage to their craft by delicately roasting every coffee to optimum flavor, clarity and distinctness, bringing you into the story behind each coffee,” Graysen shares.

When it comes to their coffee bar, the pair takes the same meticulous approach to preparing coffee beverages. From individually poured filtered coffee aimed at showcasing Lore’s different coffees in the purest form, to their full lineup of traditional espresso drinks and handcrafted simple syrups and sauces, they have something truly special for everyone. As Nicholas affirms, “Our goal isn’t simply to serve good coffee but to curate an experience that can’t be replicated.”

In addition, Lore Coffee Roasters offers coffee catering (primarily with their espresso cart with pour-over options), a service intended for events, from weddings to corporate events—a sophisticated touch to any special occasion.

In business for less than a year, they are grateful for the success they’ve already been blessed with and acknowledge they could not have done it alone. “We attribute the success of our business to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our wives, our families, our friends and all our loved ones for allowing us to take this entrepreneurial risk and put ourselves onto the specialty coffee map,” they share.

Nicholas and Graysen are proud to be able to call Bonners Ferry home; a place to live their lives with their families while having the opportunity to own a business. “The community here protects its own, keeps wealth and investment close to home, and buys American. All our packaging is from an American company employing Americans, sourced from American materials,” says Graysen. “We chose to use a Diedrich roaster not only because of the quality build and capabilities but also because it was built 30 minutes down the road in Ponderay.”

When it comes to what Nicholas and Graysen find most rewarding about Lore Coffee Roasters and what they are able to offer the community and beyond, they agree that “bringing specialty coffee to Northern Idaho is the reward in itself, as we get to share in the craft and bring what coffee can be to the people we love.”

Lore Coffee Roasters

188 Plato Drive

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

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