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Teacher in the Spotlight: Bonners Ferry High School

Judy Wages, Biology

Judy Wages Bonners Ferry Highschool


By Christian Weaner

At the conclusion of this school year, Bonners Ferry High School (BFHS) will have a big hole to fill, as revered biology teacher Judy Wages closes a chapter on her remarkable 28-year journey of teaching and inspiring young minds.

Her tenure at BFHS, rooted deeply in the community she has grown to cherish, reflects a full-circle moment of her commitment to education and the Boundary County community.

Judy's passion for science was kindled during her college years, initially aspiring to be a physical therapist. She briefly attended North Idaho College and University of Idaho before ultimately earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from University of Washington.

Her early aspirations took a turn during her collegiate studies when she became deeply invested in teaching others. "I found myself spending more time figuring out how to present lab lessons than on my other studies," she said.

This realization led Judy down the path of education, a journey that began with her love for science and a desire to share that passion with others.

"I knew I enjoyed working with students when I was the lab TA in [anatomy and physiology], and it seemed a natural fit to be a biology teacher," Judy explained.

Over the years, Judy has developed a teaching style that resonates with her students, emphasizing the importance of repetition and engagement and ensuring that her teaching methods cater to the diverse learning styles of her students.

"I try to present the same content in a variety of ways," she noted.

Judy's philosophy, "Science Rocks," captures her enthusiasm for the subject and her belief in the practical application of scientific principles. Her mission has been to make science relatable and accessible to all her students.

"We are surrounded by the benefits of scientific thinking and development,” Judy remarked. “What’s not to love?"

Outside the classroom, Judy's life is rich with family and hobbies. She boasts a family deeply entrenched in the teaching profession, with her husband, Theron, and daughters, Lauren and Belle, all serving as educators.

"These three people keep me laughing daily," Judy added.

Judy also enjoys mountain biking, boating and camping, activities that allow her to connect with the natural world she loves to teach about.

As she reflects on her teaching career, Judy treasures the relationships she's built and the impact she's had on her students' lives.

Judy Wages' legacy at Bonners Ferry High School is one of passion, dedication, and a profound influence on generations of students. As she looks ahead to retirement, her contributions to education and her students' lives will be remembered fondly by the community she served so well.

"I have thoroughly loved teaching biology at BFHS for the past 28 years," Judy concluded.

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