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How the Boundary Community Auxiliary Makes Our Hospital Shine

Boundary Community Hospital that shines

Photo courtesy of Boundary Community Hospital


Article is written by the Boundary County Hospital

Nestled within the heart of our community beats Boundary Community Hospital, but behind the scenes, another force works tirelessly: the Boundary Community Hospital Auxiliary. These incredible volunteers, armed with compassion and dedication, are the unsung heroes who help make our hospital shine.

For over six decades, the Auxiliary has served as the hospital's silent guardian angel. Their unwavering commitment translates into tangible support, from purchasing vital equipment and specialized medical aids (like a specialized walker for joint replacement patients in our Physical Therapy Department) to boosting the morale of our dedicated health care staff. Every action, every dollar raised, is a testament to their deep-rooted belief in the hospital's vital role in our community's well-being.

Imagine facing a sudden health crisis. The anxiety, the fear — it can be overwhelming. But thanks to the Auxiliary's efforts, the hospital is equipped to handle those moments with compassion and expertise. The specialized walker that helps a recovering patient regain their independence, the rehabilitation tools that guide them on their journey back to health — these are just a few examples of how the Auxiliary's tireless fundraising makes a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Their impact extends beyond equipment, though. The Auxiliary understands the human side of health care. They organize thoughtful initiatives to uplift the spirits of hospital staff, reminding them that they are appreciated and their dedication is invaluable. This caring touch fosters a positive environment that ultimately benefits all of us — patients, staff, and the entire community.

The names behind this remarkable story deserve recognition: Sandi Wright, Suzanne Lublin, Shirley Mayo, Laura Anderson, Amy Anderson, Diane Corrigan, Donna White, Jan Weaver, Goodie Utz, RaNae Barker, Edna Eby and Robin Owens. Their selfless contributions of time, talent and resources are the foundation upon which the Auxiliary stands strong. Whether it's baking delicious treats for their iconic Annual Pie Sale, coordinating the bustling December Craft Fair, or compiling the mouthwatering recipes in their Dessert Book, every action speaks volumes about their unwavering commitment to our hospital.

Joining the Auxiliary is an opportunity to join their legacy. Do you have a few hours to spare? Are you passionate about making a difference? Every helping hand, every donation, adds to the collective power that keeps our hospital thriving.

So, let us celebrate these extraordinary community members. Let us savor their sweet treats, participate in their events, and consider lending our own support. By standing alongside the Boundary Community Hospital Auxiliary, we ensure that our hospital continues to shine brightly of hope and healing for generations to come.

Remember, their dedication makes our hospital stronger, better and more compassionate. Let's honor their efforts and ensure their legacy continues to flourish.

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