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Gift the Joy of Lore Coffee

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Lore Coffee

Give yourself, or that special someone, the gift of Lore Coffee By Jillian Chandler| Photo by Adair Media Group

Bonners Ferry is home to Lore Coffee Roasters, where owners Graysen Spiller and Nicholas Carter specialize in roasting specialty coffee—the synthesis of a scientific and craftsman approach. Sourcing the highest quality coffee available, they roast it in such a way that clearly reveals the naturally occurring characteristics found in each coffee. “We love coffee and want to share that love and experience with the people of this great community,” Nicholas shares.

Coffee is roasted in their new, modified 2023 Diedrich IR-12, 12kg machine, which they use to roast between 13 to 18 pounds at a time; each batch takes between 10 and 12 minutes to complete. “Designed specifically for roasting small-batch specialty coffee, the machine allows us to control and track every variable while roasting a batch of coffee,” states Nicholas. “Those variables are the gas setting, airflow and real-time tracking of the temperature of the coffee inside the drum. Ultimately, all of this allows for us to roast each coffee in a uniquely designed profile best suited for its qualities.”

Nicholas and Graysen are excited to share that they are allocating their time this winter to production with their wholesaling operation(s), which means current (and future) customers are going to get access to more coffee, more frequently, and the national retail roasting and distribution will increase. “Future wholesaling customers are going to have access to coffees that they may have never been able to consider until they are able to partner with us,” Graysen says. “We are currently looking for select partnerships; slots are filling up.”

Whether you prefer consistency or variety, Lore Coffee Roasters has something for you through their coffee subscriptions. “Within our subscription plan, a customer who prefers consistency will have the option to choose between our 3 Mile House Blend, North Hill Espresso Blend and our natural decaf coffee from Colombia. Someone who prefers variety will get a selection of our rotating single-origin coffee offerings. This option is meant for people who really want to experience what coffee can be,” notes Nicholas.

Customers also have the option to choose how much coffee they want and how often they would like it; every one, two or four weeks.

For those looking to become educated in coffee, Lore’s cupping classes are something to look forward to on weekends. One can expect to be taken along a journey around the current seasonal coffees that are available in-house and any experimental and unique coffee samples that have come into the lab. There is a small fee to attend these two-hour classes, and everyone will walk away with a bag of coffee of their choice.

“Education entails training for individuals or groups who want to make coffee at home with their own machines or for staff in any restaurant setting, whether it be a coffee shop, restaurant, resort, or coffee hut,” notes Graysen.

During the holiday season, be sure to look for Lore Coffee at local retailers to include Boundary Shipping in Bonners Ferry, Homestead Produce in Three Mile and Winter Ridge Natural Foods in Sandpoint. Custom coffee is roasted and supplied (private label) to The Gathering Place and Sharon’s Country Store.

For those looking to give the gift of Lore Coffee this holiday season, you can order through the website and have it sent directly to your family and friends. Nick and Graysen are excited to share that they have found and are settling into their new location! You can now find them at 6378 Main Street, Suite A, in Bonners Ferry. They will be opening to the public in early November. ‘Tis the season to share the gift of Lore Coffee. Lore Coffee Roasters 6378 Main Street, Suite A Bonners Ferry, Idaho

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