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Get Ready to Save!

Local grocer offers brand-new name-brand items, all at a steal

By Jillian Chandler

Grocery Outlet opened to the excitement of the Bonners Ferry community in late March 2020. After more than a year serving the shopping needs of our residents—at a bargain—owners Haley McQueen and Blake Bevans continue their goal of saving their customers money.

Offering groceries, fresh produce, beer and wine, home goods, beauty and wellness items, and organic products, all at deeply discounted prices, they are in the business of offering low prices and unique items. “We have a core base of everyday items in stock, but what makes us unique is the ‘treasure hunt’ items that change weekly,” says Haley, adding that she truly finds enjoyment when ordering all the products to stock the store. “It’s like Christmas for me when I see new and exciting items that the customers will want or asked for,” she smiles. Once the items are out on the floor, she loves seeing the customers’ excitement when finding their favorite items, all at a great savings.

Haley joined Grocery Outlet as a cashier back in 2010—her very first job. Over the years, she enjoyed the atmosphere and customers, and working side by side with the operators who encouraged her to pursue the possibility of owning her own store one day. “2016 is when I started the journey of learning and preparing to own a store,” she shares. “As an owner/operator, we get the independence to make decisions on how to improve the store and how to best serve the customers.” Blake partnered with Haley that same year to help support her in the process of securing a store.

It is Haley’s passion and excitement for everything “grocery” that has kept her motivated throughout the entire process. Sharing her knowledge with employees, seeing them grow and learn new skills is something she finds very rewarding. “Without the support from our hardworking team, the store would not exist,” acknowledges Haley. “All of our staff makes sure, when we open the doors, our customers have a friendly and well-stocked store to shop.”

For the past 75 years, Grocery Outlet takes pride in its ability to create relationships with manufacturers, securing product at a lower price, with the savings passed on to the customer. Currently, there are 400 locations across Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona and Pennsylvania. “Each location is individually owned and operated to help serve the needs within each community,” says Haley. “Customer service is a huge priority in our daily operations. We want customers to feel welcome and enjoy their time in the store. Being able to interact with the customers on a personal level on a daily basis keeps us motivated and encouraged to continue to offer the best service we can.”

Over the past year and a half, Haley and Blake have enjoyed meeting everyone in town, and the opportunity to connect with other business owners as well as their customers. It is the people they appreciate most about the Bonners Ferry Community.

Blake and Haley have found a great way to give back to the community that’s embraced them and their business. During the month of July, each Grocery Outlet employee participates in a fundraiser at the store to help collect funds and food donations for the local community food bank—Community Action Program (C.A.P.). “We have raised $10,000 in monetary and food donations over the last two years,” Haley says proudly. “We recently participated in the Wine Walk and had a wonderful time. We hope more opportunities will arise in the future. We love Bonners Ferry!”

It’s time to save! Grocery Outlet is open for your shopping needs 7am to 9pm daily. Grocery Outlet 6355 Main Street Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805 208.267.2507

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