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Athlete of the Month

Lexie Maas, Senior

By Colin Anderson

Senior Lexie Maas started her love of athletics like many of her peers, through Bonners Ferry Parks and Recreation. She tried several sports and eventually landed in gymnastics. “I tried it and about died. I have no idea why I continued, but I did and won state twice,” she stated.

Lexie credits her time as a gymnast for helping her develop in her favorite sport—volleyball. “Gymnastics is a very physical sport, and I believe if I hadn’t pursued it, my sports career would’ve looked a lot different. It taught me how my body works, what it can go through and how I can push myself.”

After showing promise as a young player, Lexie made the high school varsity team as a freshman. She was a libero (defensive specialist) the past three seasons and is excited to now be an outside hitter for her final high school season. Reaching her goal of becoming a front line player, despite being one of the shorter members of the team, didn’t come without some extra motivation. She recalled a time while in middle school that pushed her to prove any doubters wrong.

“We were short a high jump girl, and I wanted to do it so bad. One of the coaches asked in front of everyone if anyone wanted to fill it. No one raised their hand. I raised my hand so excited, and the coach looked at me and laughed and said I was too short to do a high jump.

“I was so mad, the kind of mad where you don’t think it possible you can be that mad. I took that and I worked even harder. In all my sports I’ve always been too short. So, I made it a point to work even harder. I could still do everything the tall people could do; oftentimes better. I’ve been only back row for three years in volleyball as their libero, or defensive specialist, when I’ve been able to jump as high if not higher as our front row girls.

So, this year, being able to be a front row girl definitely makes me feel like my hard work went for something and someone is seeing it.”

Lexie has high hopes for the team this season. She maintains a 4.0 grade point average and hasn’t yet decided on the next chapter in her life. A degree in psychology or the medical field are both possibilities. As someone who’s been disrespected because of her height, she knows the meaning of respect and how important it is to all aspects in life. “Whether it’s coach, team captain, or the person who is new and has no idea what’s going on, you show everyone respect. Treat people the way you want to be treated. This applies to not only sports but your life, and I’ll take it everywhere I go.”

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