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Athlete of the Month

By Colin Anderson

Anna Bliss, Senior

Photo Courtesy of John Bliss

Injuries to athletes can happen at any time. While most come during a practice or game, others can come at even more inopportune times—just ask Bonners Ferry High School senior Anna Bliss. “Junior year I was quarterback of our powder puff team during Homecoming week. We were playing against seniors and I made a run, and in the process, I twisted my ankle, tearing a ligament.”

Anna would miss the remainder of her volleyball season and the entirety of her basketball season. She committed to hours of rehabilitation, which helped her get back to all the sports she loves. “The great thing was I was able to fully recover and play what little of our softball season we had last year, and I was able to play all my sports this year with no troubles.”

Anna is used to handling curveballs in life. Her family has moved around the country several times due to new job opportunities, ministry involvement and helping out extended family. She’s attended many different schools and been a part of many teams, learning a lot along the way. “Through this process of visiting different places, and the challenges that were encountered, I found myself exposed to various perspectives and gained the skills necessary to embrace, adapt and overcome the unexpected.”

In the classroom, Anna carries a 4.0 GPA and will be in the top 10 of her graduating class this spring. She is also very proud of her first place finish at both districts and at state for a public speaking competition through the group of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America).

She has enrolled in the Computer Science Program at the University of Idaho with an emphasis in cyber security. “Technology is always advancing, but it is also creating new problems. This creates an endless opportunity for cyber security specialists to answer their true calling: to adapt and overcome the unexpected. I am looking forward to this exciting challenge as I move forward with my education,” she explained.

Anna hopes to play some intramural sports when she lands on campus and is excited to pursue the next chapter of her life. She also plans to follow her family’s lead and continue to serve others through volunteer opportunities. “Through volunteering, I have learned the true meaning of leadership. Leadership is the result of serving others. We gain respect by helping others and genuinely caring. When you love what you do, and you do what you love, it will inspire the people around you,” she said.

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