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Athlete of the Month

By Colin Anderson

Ridge Williams, Sophomore

Bonners Ferry sophomore Ridge Williams is busy with athletics all throughout the school year. After varsity basketball, Ridge moves onto track and field in the spring. This past fall he decided to compete at soccer as well. His effort clearly showed, as it was his first season on the team, and he was awarded Most Improved Player at the end of the season. While he still has a couple more years in each sport, a special win before high school is still one of his favorite memories. “Winning our eighth-grade basketball tournament versus Sandpoint, that was great,” said Ridge.

Research has shown that students who play multiple sports often improve and become better at their favored sport than if they just focus their attention on training for a single sport throughout the year. In soccer, Ridge works on endurance, foot work and critical thinking. Basketball is all about quick movements, eye/hand coordination, working on set plays and anticipating his teammates’ movements. In track, he can focus on individual goals, strength, precision and speed.

For Ridge, being around like-minded athletes on various teams, as well as the challenge of competition, is what it’s all about. “I like playing basketball with my teammates and also really enjoy the sport of basketball and the daily competition,” he said.

Ridge puts a great amount of effort into his studies as well, no matter the subject. He currently carries a 4.0 GPA and will work hard to maintain strong academics while balancing his athletic and other life commitments. He hopes to get a look from a college and continue an athletic career at the next level in the not too distant future.

Ridge can envision himself working in athletics as a career or possibly in the real estate world—something equally competitive. No matter what he decides, he’s committed to working hard to achieve it.

“One life lesson I’ve learned is that if you work hard in anything then you will get results,” said Ridge.

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