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Athlete of the Month

Wilson Newell, Junior

Bonners Ferry High School

By Colin Anderson

Having to watch your teammates compete from the sidelines while you stand pat is one of the most challenging things for any athlete who has taken their commitment to their team very seriously. Injuries happen each year, and being able to cope with them, listen to medical advice and look at the big picture is something many high school athletes experience season after season.

One of those is Bonners Ferry football player Wilson Newell. Wilson’s junior year was cruising along until it took an unfortunate turn when he suffered a concussion near the end of the season. He would miss the remainder of the game as well as the final contest of the season. Though he was disappointed not to be out battling with his teammates, he did learn a valuable lesson: “With my concussion this year I have learned that life and my future is more important than sports and that I need to take care of my body,” he said.

Wilson was a dominate force on the defensive side of the field this year, and even though he missed some time, people definitely took notice. In the beginning of the season he was chosen as a team captain, and by season’s end he was voted as the Intermountain League Defensive Player of the Year. The award is a great accomplishment for someone who put so much effort into the season. “As bad as I wanted to play, I had to accept that my brain is more important than a game,” he said of the concussion.

Wilson still has a season to go and will be in training in anticipation of his senior year.

He enjoys working out and competing with friends as well as playing other sports. After graduation he will complete his faith-based mission and then turn his sights toward finding a school where he might be able to continue his football career as well as earn a college degree. “I have always enjoyed running equipment and am interested in running heavy equipment for a career,” he said.

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