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Athlete of the Month

By Colin Anderson

Photo by Levi Bonnell

Cecilia ‘Ceci’ Roemer, Sophomore

While many loathe the thought of running more than even a few blocks, others find the activity so enjoyable they’ll do it every day. One of those is Bonners Ferry High School sophomore Ceci Roemer. Running cross country takes extraordinary endurance, something that Ceci works hard to keep up even with the added challenge of seasonal asthma. “One of the biggest challenges I have had to overcome is my asthma, and it’s always great when allergy season is over. When I can breathe normally I have much less to worry about,” she said.

Ceci is already a decorated athlete, having made it to the state competition her freshman year, a goal she hopes to attain again this season. A hard worker in the classroom as well, Ceci hopes to utilize both her academic and running skills in the not so distant future. “My goals are to attend WSU and major in history with a minor in business. I am working very hard at cross country and hope to attain a scholarship with my running abilities,” she said.

Being a goal-oriented athlete, Ceci is most proud of her accomplishment at the state meet last year in which she broke her own personal record during the most competitive race of the year. Her coaches have helped her see that a big part of running at your peak is getting your mind right. “The most important life lesson I’ve learned from my coaches is to not waste your potential; you can do amazing things—and it’s just a mental game,” said Ceci.

As someone who loves to travel and experience new things, this sophomore can already see herself post-college, perhaps opening a pop-up bookstore where she can travel while making ends meet. Until that time comes, she will continue to set goals, work her hardest in the classroom and enjoy the fun times with her teammates and friends.

“What I enjoy most about cross country is the team environment and how much we support each other. There’s nearly no drama, my team is very fun to be around and we have so much fun together.”

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