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Support Local

Support Local

The last two months have proven that things can change in an instant, and a helping hand can go a long way. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many local businesses and restaurants closed or with limited hours for an unforeseen amount of time. Here are some ways you can help support them through the tough times.

Carry Out - Many restaurants are still offering carry-out and curbside pickup. It’s often how they’re keeping the lights on and doors open. Choose a different restaurant to support each week (or night if you’re not the cooking type).

Online Orders - Many places you can still order items online and have them shipped. So if your local store has an online shop, opt for buying from them rather than the big box store.

Gift Cards - Gift cards are a great way to support local restaurants and businesses, plus they’re a fun little uplifting gift for the people in your life and a reminder that yes, these days too will pass.

Drop a Line - Not all of us have spare cash to spend during this time, but you can show your support to small businesses in other ways. Write a good review on Google or one of their social media sites. They’re going to need all of the business they can get when this is over.

Be Safe - If you’re doing carry out, be cognizant of the people still working and those coming after you. Do your part to keep things sanitary and keep your distance—no one finds it rude to not shake hands during these times.

Don’t Forget to Tip - Most restaurant employees rely on tips to make up most of their income. With in-store dining closed, there’s not much coming in. Even if you’re just doing carry-out, be extra generous and throw in a tip—it’ll make that person’s day.

One day soon, it will be business as usual. Until then, please show your support in whatever way you can.

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