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For Better Health, Buy a Pie!

Think for a moment about the cost of technology and how much changes over the course of a decade. Compare the computer you use now to do your work with one from 10 years ago. What about 20 years ago—would it even be functional?

Now imagine how many different pieces of equipment it takes to run a hospital. In a world where more and more tools require some sort of digital technology to function, those tools must be updated and replaced to be able to deliver the highest quality of care. Enter the Boundary County Hospital Auxiliary—a group that was started in 1953 to help the hospital maintain a continually updated quality of care in our community.

For almost seven decades, the auxiliary has been dedicated to serving our community by purchasing many necessary pieces of hospital equipment. While the names on the membership list have changed many times over the years, the goal has remained the same. The auxiliary faithfully meets at Chic-N-Chop each month (September through May) for a luncheon business meeting. They regularly plan impressive fundraisers that continue to achieve their goal, which is to purchase “many important pieces of equipment that help the members of our community when they experience sudden health needs.”

The Hospital Auxiliary at Boundary Community Hospital has certainly made its mark, as several of their fundraisers have become anticipated (and delicious!) annual occurrences. The Pie Sale, the Holiday Raffle and the Spring Raffle benefit the hospital by raising significant funds, and the raffles are also fun events that include many winners. For both raffles, 10 to 20 local businesses donate gift certificates, services or goods which are awarded to individual raffle winners. With these fundraisers, there is also usually a grand prize winner. For example, a couple years ago the Spring Raffle grand prize was a patio furniture set, and additional winners received gift certificates to Shopko, Moose Valley Farms, The Dressing Room and more. The Spring Raffle drawing takes place at the hospital’s widely attended annual health fair and is becoming a highlight for many who attend each year.

Many residents of Bonners Ferry are familiar with the Auxiliary’s Annual Pie Sale, as it has been held every year for decades. Pies, cakes and other desserts are baked by individuals, donated by local businesses and sold by volunteers. In the past, between 50 and 100 pies have been donated each year, usually resulting in over $1,000 raised for hospital equipment. Pie is available by the slice or by the pie, with sugar-free and gluten-free options most likely available. Many thanks go to those who purchase as well as those who donate baked goods! Without the support of the community, these auxiliary fundraisers would not be the successes that they are.

This year's famous Pie Sale will take place on Monday, March 16, 9am to noon, at the Seniors Hospitality Center. For those who would like to contribute baked goods for the sale, you can drop off your donations at the Senior Center between 8 and 9am the day of the sale. In addition to the traditional pie selection, cheesecake, layer cake and other baked goods are also welcome.

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