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Athlete of the Month: Kameron Hill

Athlete of the Month: Kameron Hill

Senior Kameron Hill has played basketball his entire high school career at Bonners Ferry High School. And like every high school athlete, he was looking forward to playing his final year as a senior and to the tradition of senior night, where he and his teammates are recognized for their dedication to their school during their final season.

But it was a day last July that would drastically change the course of Kameron’s life. Diagnosed with an osteosarcoma tumor in his knee, Kameron’s total treatment plan included 21 rounds of chemotherapy, which will end this month, as well as a total knee replacement.

A guard for the Bonners Ferry Badgers throughout high school, Kameron returned to the court to a standing ovation during senior night. When introducing him on that special evening, Lisa Carl stated:

“Kameron has remained positive through his journey and is confident he will beat it. He is proud of his team and how they have performed this season, and his team is proud of him for how he has fought day after day with his Badger spirit.”

When it came to tip off that night, Kameron was slated to start. Principal Kevin Dinning and Coach Andy Rice had planned for Kameron to get the ball at tip off and attempt a three-point shot, and with the endorsement of their opponent, Stillwater Christian, if Kameron had not made the shot the plan was for Bonners Ferry to get the rebound and pass it to Kameron to make a layup. But much to the delight of all in attendance, Kameron made the three-pointer.

While he only played less than a minute, it was a moment and a night that filled the hearts of many and one they will not forget. The love and admiration for Kameron resonates throughout the community, and all are cheering him on as he finishes his chemotherapy treatment.

Being a successful athlete is much more than having the talent to help your team win. One’s true character comes through when he or she faces obstacles. How they handle those challenges says a great deal about a person. For those who know Kameron, he is a young man of amazing tenacity and has faced the ultimate challenge with grace.

Congratulations, Kameron, on being the Athlete of the Month. Your community is proud of you!

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