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Athletes of the Month: Bonners Ferry High School Cheer Squad

Athletes of the Month: Bonners Ferry Cheerleading Squad

The Bonners Ferry High School cheerleading squad is a hard-working group of six young women, each of whom Coach Andria Hedrick is extremely proud. Hedrick, who has been coaching the squad since September, is assisted by Nicole Fitch and Kailee Cordle, all of whom were members of the graduating class of 2011.

The squad is made up of Captain Katie Summerfield, Kaylee Worley, Kylie Underhill, Hailey Brooks, Isabella Sims and Nadia Fleck.

“All of their skills and teamwork makes this team an amazing group of ladies,” said Coach Hedrick.

The squad practices most weekdays with games held on both weekdays and weekends during the school year. “Practices are usually two to three hours and include a variety of material—choreography, performance dances, sideline cheers, performance cheers, stunting, tumbling, jumping, kicking, flexibility, strength training and team support,” said Hedrick, who adds that the team also makes posters, decorates lockers and handles game-day events and decorations.

Since taking over the coaching position in September, Hedrick says the cheerleaders have accomplished amazing stunts in a very short time, exceeding any expectations Hedrick had.

“They work hard, not only at practice but at home, too. For large events, such as Homecoming or Senior Night, the team choreographs performances for the crowd,” said Hedrick.

The cheerleading team cheers for football, wrestling and basketball. In addition, the team cheers for at least one game or event of the other seasonal sports including volleyball, boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer and cross country.

They also enjoy supporting the BFHS dance team at their school performances as well as the cheerleaders at Boundary County Middle School.

Reflections of Body Sense

While the squad is highly visible at games, they also have a presence at other community events as well, participating in Badger Booster events such as the Homecoming Barbecue, town parades, and they are participating in the Bonners Ferry FFA and Community Partners Meals of Hope packaging event on February 4 at 5:30 pm at the middle school.

“The cheerleaders are very active in other school activities such as BFHS Leadership Council, National Honor Society, FFA, Foreign Language Society and Honor Choir,” said Hedrick. “Through their busy schedules, they always find time to give back to the community!”

The team is invited to a variety of competitions, most of which take place in February and March. This year they are attending the Prairie Classic on February 2 at Lakeland High School and the District III State Qualifier on February 23 at Coeur d’Alene High School. State Cheerleading Championships will be held at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa on March 16, and with this team’s dedication they are sure to be a contender.

“These ladies are determined, dedicated and hard working. I come into practice each week and am amazed at how much they have improved from the last practice I was at,” said Assistant Coach Fitch. “They always are looking at ways to push themselves and to be better cheerleaders. I enjoy coming in to help them achieve their goals and watching them grow more confident in themselves. They are a wonderful group of young ladies, and I can't wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds."

According to Hedrick, the squad’s biggest strength is their willingness to learn.

“Every practice, they look forward to the next level of stunting/tumbling or choreographing a new routine,” she said.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this amazing group of young women, be sure to attend a game or one of the many events the cheerleaders support. Thank you to our Bonners Ferry High School cheerleaders for keeping the Badger spirit alive!

Cheerleading tryouts will be held May 28-31, 2019. We are looking cheerleaders, stuntmen and a Buddy Badger to join our team! Some of the qualifications we'll be looking for is positive attitude, coordination, confidence, athleticism, sportsmanship, dedication, tumbling skills, dancing skills and willingness to learn. We will be posting the official tryout dates in March/April with the specifics. I would encourage any and all students to try out for the cheerleading team! It could surprise them!” - Coach Andria Hedrick

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