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Athlete of the Month: Holly Ansley

A freshman at Bonners Ferry High School, Holly Ansley clearly has a bright future ahead of her as a Badger.

She is on the girls’ varsity basketball team and also participates in track and field. Just last year she broke the long jump record for Boundary County Middle School jumping 15’9” in her final jump. And Holly’s success extends far beyond athletics as is evidenced by her 4.0 GPA.

Holly shares that her biggest challenge in basketball has been being able to find gym time to allow her to practice her dribbling and shooting. She said that she is grateful to the boys’ coaches, Ryan Mai and Nathan Williams, for allowing her to practice throughout the year with them during her off season.

It is that dedication that may just help her reach her goal. “I would like to play college basketball,” said Holly. “But I realize that it will take a lot of hard work.”

At 14 years old, Holly is undecided as to what she wants to do for a career but has given some thought to working as a physical fitness trainer thanks to Mike Davis, owner of Iron Mike’s Gym.

“Over the summer, Mike Davis created a weight-lifting program to strengthen my arms and legs. After his training sessions, I am now interested in becoming a trainer,” said Holly, who added that something in the financial field also interests her.

Holly said basketball is by far her favorite sport. “I love the competition, my teammates and just gaining more memories,” she said.

Her most memorable moment so far in basketball was beating Sandpoint this year. “It has been six years since varsity girls beat Sandpoint,” said Holly. “This was a very exciting moment for our team.”

Participating in sports has taught Holly more than just the fundamentals of the game; it has given her life lessons as well.

“Nathan Williams has always told me, since the day I met him, to always set a goal and accomplish that goal to get better and better,” said Holly. “Having a goal helps me to stay focused.”

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