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Spreading Holiday Cheer

Spreading Holiday Cheer

No child should feel the sting of a holiday season without a gift, and with continued help and generosity from the greater Bonners Ferry community, that goal is coming true. For years, the Care-N-Share program has placed hundreds of gifts into the arms of children whose parents are limited on what they can provide. While the program continues to serve the community, there are more children in need, and that’s when Joy Schmitz of E.T Wireless stepped up to fill the void. “It was just the beginning of December three years ago, and I was very sad that children would be going without presents, so that was the birth of Christmas Tree of Joy. Our first year we reached about 40 children, and last year it grew to about 100,” explains Joy.

A tree is set up at the E.T. Wireless store, located at 6665 Main in Downtown Bonners Ferry, and beginning December 5, tags will adorn the tree, each listing a gift a local child is hoping to receive this Christmas. Those who want to support the program can grab one tag—or as many as they would like—in order to provide some needed cheer to local families in need.

Joy is delighted “knowing that we are helping as many children have their Christmas blessed, and that as they grow up they will remember someone else helped them and pay if forward.” She adds: “As we near the end of the program’s time, the tree [will be] overflowing with gifts, which makes my heart overflow with thankfulness for our wonderful, giving community.”

For more information on the Christmas Tree of Joy program, stop into E.T. Wireless during business hours or find additional information on Facebook. Whether it’s one present or a dozen, each donation helps bring even more joy to the community this Christmas.

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