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Shook Twins Back In Bonners Ferry Q&A

We loved your show last year at The Pearl. We know that you have a huge following. Why do you choose to keep coming back to The Pearl?

We really like playing The Pearl. It's so intimate and special. We like that a lot of the people know us from the little blond twins with mullets that used to be in the Badger Den.

What have you been doing since the last time you visited us, and who are you bringing to play with you?

We have been touring around the country just doing what we do. We've been recording a lot as well and releasing some new music into the world. It's tiring and tedious at times, but it's shows like these home court ones that make it all worth it. John Craigie will open the show, and we'll have Niko Slice and Josh Simon, and Justin Landis as well. We are so lucky to get to play with these fine fellas.

Your show is called “Giving Thanks,” and we as a community appreciate all that you give to us every year. Anything else you’re giving thanks for this season?

We always give thanks for our family—our village that surrounds us here in North Idaho. Every Thanksgiving we have a big family dinner with all our extended family friends. … We are incredibly lucky, and we are who and where we are today because of all the wonderfully supportive people in our lives.

Is there anything else that you would like for our audiences to know about you or the people who inspire you?

We still can't believe that this is our job—making and playing our songs for wonderful people! It’s better than any job we can imagine. Music does so much for people, and it's so important. We are lucky to be a part of that and strive to make music that can make a positive difference somehow.

Upcoming show:

Friday November 24 - The Pearl Theatre - Doors open 6:30pm. Show begins 7:30pm.

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