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Athlete of the Month: Kassy Skeen

Athlete of the Month: Kassy Skeen

Bonners Ferry High School senior, Kassy Skeen, has learned early in life what it takes to balance a busy schedule and still be successful. Kassy’s hard work and dedication in both sports and academics have allowed her to achieve honors within the classroom and beyond.

With a 4.0 GPA, Kassy has been on the honor roll, in the top 10 students of her class, is part of the National Honor Society leadership and is senior class president.

“I’m a 3A IML [Intermountain League] player for softball, a [softball] state champion and have been the soccer captain for two years,” said Kassy.

She admits it has not always been easy. Kassy shares that one of her biggest challenges was injuring her knee junior year. “It has been tough to overcome because it is still weak,” she said. “But I’ve managed to overcome it and still be able to do the things I love and am passionate about.”

Over the years there have been many great memories Kassy has shared with her teammates, but she said what stands out most in her mind was during her junior year when she made the last play at the softball state tournament and her team took home the state title; a great moment for her team and all of Bonners Ferry.

Kassy said she enjoys the sports she participates in, and in soccer it is being part of a team and the feeling of racing along someone and being the first to the ball that she enjoys most.

Her future plans include attending either Lewis-Clark State College or the University of Idaho where she will major in psychology and minor in addiction studies.

“My career interest is in counseling because I love being able to be there for someone and truly knowing I can have an impact on their life,” said Kassy.

While there have been many lessons learned both in and out of the classroom, Kassy said one she will carry with her throughout her life is this: “You don’t always have to be the greatest. But if you are willing to put forth the effort and are passionate about it, you can achieve it.”

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