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Festival of Hearts

The Fry Healthcare Foundation Festival of Hearts was a resounding success raising more than $37,000 in one night! With the money from the gala combined with funds from the 2016 Golf Tournament, the Fry Healthcare Foundation can now fund the entire $41,000 for the Spacelabs Healthcare Cardiac Monitoring Central Station Control System for Boundary Community Hospital.

“We had lots of new faces and a few old friends at this first annual gala event,” said Linda Hiatt, co-chair of the Festival of Hearts. “The Kootenai River Inn put on a spectacular dinner, and the auction items donated by local businesses and private donors made the event fun.”

“The highlight for me was the Dessert Dash, when we raised $2,641.02,” said Teresa Rae, vice president of Fry Healthcare Foundation. Each table pooled their resources and put together a cumulative bid for the table to purchase a dessert. The highest bidding table had first chance to dash up to pick from the luscious cakes and pies created by local businesses and individuals. It was a lot of fun, and everyone enjoyed their “just desserts.”

The Spacelabs Healthcare Cardiac Monitoring System will enable Boundary Community Hospital to monitor patients in the emergency rooms and the Acute Care Hospital from one central location.

According to Paul Sogge, Spacelabs Healthcare marketing communications manager, “Spacelabs Healthcare is proud to partner with Boundary Community Hospital to provide the latest in medical telemetry. Spacelabs takes its name from the company’s origin in the early days of the U.S. Space Program. In 1969, Spacelabs medical telemetry monitored Neil Armstrong’s vitals on the moon. Today, the company’s technology is used by hospitals and care facilities around the world to watch over millions of patients every day. With the upgrade, Boundary County caregivers and patients will benefit from the latest telemetry system on the market.”

The hospital’s new Xhibit Central Station, with a high-resolution touchscreen display, will provide caregivers a detailed view of any patient on the network. Ambulatory patients will now be monitored with AriaTele telemetry transmitters, featuring full-color screens to display heart rate, ECG and SpO2 waveforms. Together, these solutions will deliver critical patient data across the hospital network, enabling better-informed decisions, increased efficiencies and a safer environment for patients.

“It is exciting to be able to fund equipment that will improve the quality of healthcare for our community,” said Carol Julian, Fry Healthcare Foundation president. “The Festival of Hearts is a new tradition for us, and since this year was such a success, we’ve already started planning next year’s event for February 10, 2018, at the Kootenai River Inn.”

The Fry Healthcare Foundation and the Bonners Ferry community have raised $1.2 Million to benefit the hospital during the past 21 years. They thank the community for your continued support of the Foundation and its fundraising efforts on behalf of Boundary Community Hospital.

For more information about the Festival of Hearts and the Fry Healthcare Foundation, call 208.267.6912 or email .

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