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Trick or Treat

Local animal shelter offers a fun stop for kids this Halloween

By Colin Anderson

Ask any kid, and they can remember their favorite trick -or-treating route, usually involving someone giving away the full-size or, if you’re really lucky, king-size bars. While they might have their plan in place weeks before the big day, parents should want to steer them toward a stop at Second Chance Animal Adoption for some additional fun—and, of course, candy. “This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and we always look forward to it,” says Shelter Manager Carla Clark.

The 1,450-square-foot facility houses lost and up-for-adoption cats and dogs, as well as the thrift store that helps provide the operational costs of the shelter. Carla says that they are seeing a lot more cats come through the facility and have plans to expand the cat room by adding on to the square footage, and monetary donations will help make those plans a reality.

The doors will open up for Howl With Us on the evening of Halloween (Sunday, October 31) at 5:30pm and stay open through 8pm, giving kids of all ages a chance to attend. Volunteers will be passing out candy to costumed trick or treaters, and there will be other fun events happening as well. You can get your fortune read, try your skills in a game of bean bag or basketball toss, and participate in a couple of other yet-to-be-determined contests.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a donation to the event, which can be cash, pet supplies, or even household goods for the thrift store. With more cats currently coming through the shelter, cat and kitten food is at the top of the list of current needs.

As the biggest fundraiser of the year, volunteers are hoping to see a great turnout and will be sure to make the event fun for all ages. They are also looking for local businesses who might want to sponsor the event. If you have interest in sponsorship opportunities, you can call the shelter at 208.267.7504.

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