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Supporting a Healthy Community

Local fitness center encourages well-being and unity

By Jillian Chandler

Everyone has been affected by the continuing pandemic in one way or another, and now, more than ever, it is important to practice self-love, taking time to focus on ourselves. For those who are looking for an outlet and tools to uplift their spirits while also shedding a few of those COVID pounds, then look no further than Iron Mike's Family Fitness in Bonners Ferry!

Owner Mike Davis and his team are excited to announce that they will be orchestrating a Wellness and Weight Loss competition to aid in shedding those “COVID” pounds gained during the pandemic. Prizes will be handed out at the end of the 12-week challenge, “but the largest prizes will have to wait until one year from the start date to help our participating clients achieve permanent change,” shares Mike. To find out more, give them a call or stop in today.

"For those concerned about COVID and going into public, we can do the competition virtually as well," adds Mike.

Mike Davis is a well-known name here in the Bonners Ferry. Living in Boundary County his entire life, he has had the privilege of being able to build a community within our larger community through his gym, Iron Mike’s Family Fitness. Here, people of all ages and abilities are invited to come together with the ultimate goal of wellness.

For more than 27 years, Iron Mike’s Gym has been dedicated to doing its part in creating a healthier and happier community—and along the way, building an atmosphere of camaraderie. From the open gym to private training sessions and instructor-led classes, Iron Mike’s Family Fitness offers something for everyone.

Work out using state-of-the-art strength training and cardiovascular training equipment that is maintained with a great deal of care. Members’ health and protection always come first. They have over 50 sanitization stations for members to use and an employee daily sanitization routine. A variety of group fitness classes are offered, including Spinning, Aerobics, Boot Camp/Body Blast, Zumba, Yoga and more. “All classes are easily scalable, whether a first-time exerciser or lifelong gym-goer,” affirms Mike.

Members who are unable to make instructor-based classes can take advantage of Fitness on Demand—Iron Mike’s virtual instructor-led classes. Clients can select from more than 300 pre-recorded classes from a kiosk, ranging from Mind Body stretching and meditation to Kickboxing and Strength Training. The class is presented on a 65-inch screen.

For those wanting an individualized approach via one-on-one training, personal training options are available as well. (Every new client is offered a free one-on-one training session. During this session, one of Iron Mike’s experienced trainers develops a personalized program for the client, working around injuries and toward the client’s desired goals.)

“We try our hardest to take intimidation out of the equation,” says Mike. “We feel everybody has their own thought of the exercise experience and want to show them that the hardest part of it all is coming through our door for the first time.”

Mike particularly enjoys rehabilitative fitness; taking a client experiencing knee pain, back pain or other ailment and putting together a plan to help them get healthy and well again—with a doctor’s clearance of course.

In addition to fitness, Iron Mike’s also provides nutritional guidance, as they like to focus on all aspects of their clients’ health.

For those seniors in our community who are looking for a place to exercise their bodies and spirits, there are senior citizen supplemental insurance companies out there that will pay for your gym memberships. At Iron Mike’s, they offer Silver and Fit, Silver Sneakers, Active and Fit, and Renew Active—all of which pay the member’s gym fees 100 percent!

Through Iron Mike’s Family Fitness, he is able to share his knowledge and passion for health, and he is grateful to his local community, who has embraced him and the work he does. “I truly believe I owe all of my success to the community that we serve. The support from this community has been overwhelming,” he shares. “I know that I can only affect so many people, but I also know that the more people that I try to help will in turn help others—kind of like network marketing, just with health and fitness.”

Helping people accomplish things they believed they couldn’t is what Mike finds truly fulfilling about the work he does through Iron Mike’s Family Fitness. “With the right plan and guidance, it is so incredible what the human body is capable of doing.”

Iron Mike’s Family Fitness

64450 Hwy 2

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805


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