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Student in the Spotlight

Asha Abubakari, Junior By Joshua Nishimoto

Student in the Spotlight

As a student-athlete at Bonners Ferry High school, junior Asha Abubakari has already established a storied career in achievements. She was All-League volleyball and baseball player during her freshman and sophomore year, co-captain of the varsity basketball team and points leader for volleyball and basketball her sophomore year, state qualifier for track in 2021 and 2022, 2022 track and field district champion for all four events, and many more. But how does Asha fare when the going gets tough?

As a multi-disciplined athlete, Asha was destined to compete. Sports have helped her overcome many different challenges and continue to shape her and prepare her for her next hurdle. While she doesn’t know exactly what college she wants to attend, Asha has been looking at crime scene investigation and possibly nursing as her career path.

“I’ve always loved watching crime shows and documentaries,” she said. “I find them very interesting. I feel like becoming a crime scene investigator would suit me, and I would enjoy my job because it would be exciting, and I like solving problems and mysteries.”

Whatever she decides for her future career, and whatever challenges she faces, sports will always be a part of her future, as she plans to continue her career as a student-athlete in college and compete in Division I track and field. Asha may even decide to do multiple sports in college. Whatever path she takes, she knows that the challenges she has faced as a high school student-athlete will carry over.

“There are two challenges that stick out in my mind that I have had to overcome in sports,” she said. “The first challenge involves other people. Dealing with different personalities and attitudes is something that most athletes will experience. It can be difficult to avoid drama and successfully work through differences with teammates.”

The second challenge involves her as an individual, facing her fears and doing her best to overcome them. “Sometimes the pressure of winning can create unnecessary stress,” Asha said. “I experienced this pressure during track and field this (last) year. I had a moment where I let the stress get to me because I didn’t want to lose and let everyone down.”

It was the encouragement of her teammates and coaches that helped Asha find the support and belief in herself to succeed.

“I realized that you can’t let the pressure get to you,” Asha added. “You have to stay relaxed, believe in yourself, and know that you’ve done all you can to prepare for the competition.”

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