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‘Love People, Love Food, Love Life’

The place to escape to and enjoy a memorable meal

By Jillian Chandler

It’s been just over three years since husband-and-wife team Tony and Pamala Fleck first introduced Two Tone’s Café to the Bonners Ferry community. This casual, yet upscale, restaurant features global cuisine inspired by Italian, Asian, Indian, Mexican and Hawaiian influences. From steak to seafood, burgers and salads, and so much more, there’s something to please any palate.

“Love people, love food, love life” is their motto, and what they strive for each and every day—not only in the restaurant, but life in general.

“We love serving our guests and creating dishes with a flair,” says Tony, chef and owner. “We also believe in local sustainable practices that support other businesses in town.”

At Two Tone’s, they source their dough used for their enticing scones from the Bread Basket; beef is purchased from Woods; the coffee “Jack’s Black” comes from Red Rooster/Under the Sun; produce comes from Homestead Produce and Super One; and Huckleberry Thicket is the source for all of their huckleberry products. Approximately 25 percent of all product sold is secured through the local Super One. “These kinds of practices help support the families of those who support mine,” Chef Tony affirms.

Tony is not new to the restaurant business. It’s been a lifelong passion of his, which began at the age of 18. “I’ve been doing this since 1983,” he recalls. “I started as a dishwasher at a Denny’s in the Tri-Cities after graduating from Bonners Ferry High School, and from there I joined the Marine Corps and moonlighted at the Yum Yum Tree as a short-order cook in Hawaii. When I got out of the Corps, I attended Washington State University Pullman, where I was a kitchen manager in an Italian restaurant.”

When the opportunity arose for the Flecks to create a restaurant of their own, greeting their guests and serving them delicious meals prepared with passion, there wasn’t any hesitation. And fortunately for Bonners Ferry, Two Tone’s Café came to be.

“It’s been great coming back to my hometown and the hometown of my mother, her parents, and their parents. “My great-grandfather, Jesse Meeker, started a blacksmith shop in 1917 that became Meekers Machine Shop, where my grandfather Bob Meeker spent most of his life working. Who knows, maybe Two Tone’s Café will be around for 90 years.”

During the summer months, live music plays every weekend and Wednesday nights from 6 to 9pm in the restaurant’s beautiful outdoor oasis—the “secret” garden patio.

There’s more behind Two Tone’s than just the food. It allows the opportunity for Tony and Pam to give back. “The success of our business depends upon so many people. Our workers are our family. They help Pam and I support our family while we help them do the same.”

Along the lines of their “love people, love food, love life” outlook comes the passion to impact the community by supporting those who may go unnoticed. Some of the programs the Flecks support include Warm Meals from Warm Hearts, Carry the Fallen Ruck March, Leadership Class, Festival of Hearts, and other various fundraisers and auctions in which they can help fulfill the needs of the community.

“It feels good giving back, again, what was so freely given to our family and others,” Tony states. “I’ve had the privilege of meeting some good people growing up here and out there in the world. The ones who impacted me most were the ones who were looking outside themselves; people who are really trying to make the world a better place.”

To show their appreciation to those who serve our country, our state, our city and our schools, veterans, law enforcement and schoolteachers receive a 10 percent discount when dining at Two Tone's Café.

“We live in a beautiful place surrounded by wonderful people,” smiles Tony. “Two Tone’s Café and our secret garden patio is a place you can feel that energy and escape the chaos and uncertainty of the world.”

“If we don’t see you tonight, we sure hope to see y’all down the road at Two Tone’s café!”

Two Tone’s Café

6536 Main Street


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