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A Reason to Dance

Two programs offered at the Pearl Theater

By Jillian Chandler

Nancy Genys has been dancing since she could walk, first by standing on the top of her father’s feet while dancing around the living room doing polka and waltz to music playing on the record player. She began formal dancing lessons at the age of 5 until she was in high school, and then again while in college. “I did ballet for many years, but once in college, my focus became social and folk,” she shares. “My husband and I were assigned to teach a folk-dance class together at BYU—that’s how we met!”

In addition to dance, Nancy excelled in choir and acting throughout her childhood and teen years, even writing her own plays. She has produced more than 18 shows (having written the script, produced the music and done the choreography). “I love the arts,” she smiles. “Since I have been in Bonners Ferry, I have written more than 30 songs!”

Thanks to Nancy, in partnership with the Pearl Theater, there’s a reason to kick up your heels and start dancing, as the Dance Club was introduced just last month, as well as Talent Team Performing Arts.

“Both programs have received positive feedback and happy participants (and excited ones who are new). My hope is for students to enjoy themselves and gain skills and confidence,” she says.

Talent Team Performing Arts teaches youth how to sing, dance and act. It is Nancy’s wish that it will bless the youth in this community and, through the arts, bless the lives of others. As for Dance Club, students will be taught the skills in styles such as swing, waltz, fox-trot, cha-cha, as well as line dancing, and old-fashioned American folk dancing such as Virginia Reel, Jessie Polka and the Salty Dog Rag. “Dances have such diverse music,” affirms Nancy. “To be able to have skills to dance to almost anything is such a confidence builder, not to mention fun!”

The cost of registration is dependent upon the class, ranging from $120 to $160 per semester. “Each semester is four months, but with the extra classes for the performing groups, it's like a five-month session for the price of four months,” explains Nancy. Class length for the Talent Team is one to one-and-a-half hours, while Dance Club is two hours every other week, rotating weeks between beginners and those more advanced. Those interested in signing up can contact Nancy Genys via email at or by phone at 480.390.5790.

“My hope is that those who will benefit from this will come and that, through our interaction together, we are all the better for it,” she says. “Each child has something beautiful to share. I am blessed by working with them. Hopefully, I will be a blessing to them as well.”

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