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Local, Organic, Family Owned

Local, Organic, Family Owned

“We fell in love with Idaho—the landscape and beauty. When we saw this property, we knew it was what we wanted. We saw this orchard and we loved it! We loved the whole idea of converting it to organic. The idea of offering a healthier option in produce sounded appealing to us.”

Kathleen and Wayne Tesoriero discovered Bonners Ferry several years ago, when their son and his family moved to the area. It only took a few visits for them to fall in love with Bonners Ferry, and they soon decided to take the necessary steps to relocate, not only to be closer to family but to reinvent their lives—living their lives fulfilling their passion.

They purchased property in July of 2018 and officially moved to Bonners Ferry in the summer of 2019. Kathleen and Wayne are creating and living the life they always imagined. After purchasing their property, Mountain View Organic Orchard is blossoming into more than they could ever have imagined.

Previously owned by George and Janice Johnson, the couple laid out a great foundation, according to Kathleen. And, Kathleen and Wayne have had wonderful caretakers, who have helped with the conversion to organic, and they are utilizing local organic farmers as consults to help make their operation successful.

This past July, the Tesorieros have officially taken residence and are taking a hands-on approach to making the orchard successful.

Cherries, apples, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, oh my! The property offers all of these, but the husband-and-wife team is looking to the future to provide only the best of these fruits to their neighbors—and that means going organic.

“It is a three-year process to become certified organic,” says Kathleen. “Our goal is to become certified sometime in the year 2021. We follow all practices and guidelines required to become organically certified, using no harsh or artificial sprays or chemicals.”

Kathleen and Wayne are happy to be offering a cleaner and healthier choice for the community in growing their produce organically.

“We love to meet people and are excited to serve our community through u-pick and selling to local markets.” The apples are ready for harvest, and the Tesorieros will be selling them to local markets. Be prepared for the most delicious, sweetest apples you have ever tasted, and the apple cider will be unlike any other you’ve ever experienced.

Though they are still very new to the area, Kathleen and Wayne are already settling in well. “We are having fun getting to know the people in the community,” says Kathleen. “We have started attending Mountain Springs Church in Bonners Ferry and are beginning to jump in and serve in various areas of interest.”

The Tesorieros invite the community to join them at their orchard where you can u-pick their fresh delicious apples the kids are sure to enjoy after a long day at school, and make sure to grab a few extra in order to prepare that fresh, homemade, hot apple pie, ideal for the fall season.

Hours for u-pick will be posted on their website, as well as their Mountain View Organic Orchard Facebook page. “We both love the great outdoors. We love working together and love the fruit of our labor,” says Kathleen. “Come make this a family experience!”

Mountain View Organic Orchard 1500 Porthill Loop Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805 208.267.0947 Facebook: Mountain View Organic Orchard

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